Why Payality

Many payroll and HR solutions cater to large organizations with hundreds or even thousands of employees. But Payality is different. We focus on the small-to-midsized employer, offering an affordable yet powerful system that manages payroll, HR, benefits administration, and more. The platform is constantly evolving based on the ever-changing needs of employers, and we stand behind our clients with industry-leading support.
Working with Payality also provides access to a powerful tax solution, operated by one of a handful of bulk filers with the IRS. You’ll be in great hands when it comes to payroll tax compliance, as well as compliance with other laws and regulations.
We make it easy to manage your business, whether you have one employee or a few hundred. Find out how Payality can simplify the tasks you’re spending hours on everyday.
Payality was acquired by Payroll People, a trusted payroll company that has been serving clients for over 40 years. Companies of all sizes and across the nation have access to a range of solutions designed to make business easier.