Payroll Taxes and Reporting

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Guaranteed timely and accurate payments of payroll taxes nationwide

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Report new hires to the State

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Filing of all quarterly and annual payroll tax returns

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Calculate and remit garnishment/child support payments to the agencies

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Assist with obtaining appropriate employer tax ID’s for new businesses or client’s adding employees in a new state.

Labor Law Poster Service

Receive a new labor poster each January updated with the most current Federal and State laws and receive notification of any changes to laws throughout the year and postings as needed.

Pre-Employment Screening

Packages tailored for the level of employee hired, from entry level to executive management

Searches include, Multi-state and County Criminal Database, Sex & Violent Offender, Employment Credit Reports, Bankruptcy, Motor Vehicle Report, Civil Litigation

Drug screening services, with local Laboratory or Instant Testing Kit options

Non-profit and Medical Professional specific packages


workers compensation

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Improve cash-flow with Payality’s pay-as-you-go workers comp solution

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Void your deposit check and bind coverage for ZERO out of pocket

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Pay premiums each pay period based on actual payroll

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Helps to avoid the audit hassles and the discrepancies that often result in additional premium owed

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Payality will work with your existing broker or recommend one to you.

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Multiple carrier options

Once you try Payality, you’ll never look back!