Payroll Solutions

More than 11,000 businesses are using our cloud-based solution to administer the numerous aspects of continuously managing employees, including onboarding new hires, payroll, and human resource related task. It’s designed to offer a powerful and easy-to-use interface that can be accessed from any Internet enabled device.

Employees can securely access their online employee portal to view and print their current and prior pay stubs and W-2’s, update their personal information, change tax withholding, and update direct deposit account information. Employees may also download the MyPayality App for the Apple App or GooglePlay Store to view their current and prior pay detail, view deductions, request time off, and view personal information.

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Pre-process payroll to ensure 100% accuracy before submittal for processing.

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Gain real-time access to reports and a simple to use report writer

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Manage Employee HR information while creating a paperless personnel file or submit payroll by email, phone or fax to a dedicated Payroll Specialist.


Go paperless with direct deposit and employee online access to pay detail. This will eliminate the cost of overnight delivery and the time spent distributing payroll checks.


Simplify time management with Payality’s cloud-based time and attendance solution.

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Provide Employees with instant access to their earned wages before payday with ZayZoon's wages on demand. Visit to learn more and activate today

Choose the Time Collection solution suited for you


Smart Phone

Tablet / PC

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Fingerprint Read Clock

Fingerprint Read Clock

Fully Integrated with Payroll, no need for double entry

Employees request time off and supervisors approve or deny them

Create employee scheduling

Go Paperless

Employee Paperless Options
Paperless Onboarding – New hires complete and acknowledge receipt of all new employee documents online, including W-4’s, I-9, direct deposit enrollment, employee handbooks, client specific forms, required governmental notices, and more.

Direct Deposit – Unlimited direct deposits to any bank or credit union

VISA Paycard – A great option for employee’s without bank accounts

Employee Online Portal – View and/or print prior paystubs and W-2’s
and view time off balances, scheduled deductions, tax status and pay rates


Employer Paperless Options


Paperless Personnel File – Create a comprehensive employee personnel file online

Document Portal – Archive sensitive per pay period payroll reports and tax returns online

On-Demand Reports – Run reports or create them for real-time info whenever and how you need them


Once you try Payality, you’ll never look back!