Payroll for
Small Businesses Simplified

Payality makes it easy to manage your workforce, regardless of company size.

Affordable payroll

Get access to an accurate payroll system that fits into just about any business budget, regardless of company size.

User-friendly platform

Your employees will love the simplicity of the platform where they can navigate easily, manage their time and take care of other tasks.

Comprehensive solutions

Managing a small business workforce is no small task. Get the solutions you need to offer benefits, maintain compliance, and keep your team happy, all from one place.

Payality Makes it Easy to Manage Your Small Business Needs

We offer payroll, time and labor, tax filing, compliance, and HR services, all built into a single, user-friendly platform.


Our comprehensive services are designed with the needs of small businesses in mind. Explore how we can help you manage your workforce with ease.


Our payroll platform also includes employee self-service for anytime access to paystubs and payroll data. Read More

Time & Labor

The built-in time & labor tools make it easy for employees to punch in & out, manage schedules, and handle other time tasks. Read More


Your employees can handle a variety of tasks on their own, and data can flow to third-party systems with reporting capabilities. Read More

HR Services

Get access to a full library of resources, plus an available live HR expert, to get answers to tough questions. Read More


Ensure compliance with the ever-changing laws and regulations that apply to your business. Read More

Who We Serve

Countless businesses have been disappointed by inadequate and expensive payroll providers. Payality is different. We provide effective and imaginative payroll, compliance, and benefit solutions for small-to-midsize businesses nationwide.
Companies of all sizes rely on Payality to pay their employees accurately, handle the complexities of payroll tax and HR compliance, offer integrated employee retirement and benefit solutions, and simplify the work associated with running a business.

Why Choose Us

When you want payroll and HR solutions that don’t break your small business budget, turn to Payality. We understand the needs of small-to-midsize business owners, and we cater our solutions accordingly.

Integrated platform

Payroll, time and labor, and benefits are together in an integrated solution that makes it easier to manage your workforce.

User-friendly design

A simple design ensures that your employees can navigate the system and find what they need.

Tax compliance

Get access to one of only a few IRS Preferred Payroll Tax Providers/Processors to ensure your payroll taxes are handled properly.

Data and analytics

All the information you need, compiled into reports that are available when you need them.

Knowledgeable support professionals

Get help when you need it from friendly and helpful support team members.

How We Work

It’s easy to get started with Payality:

Request a Quote

When you request your personalized quote, we’ll put you in touch with a team member who can get to know you and your business needs.

Explore the System

We’ll take you on a tour of the Payality system, showing you where to find what you need to begin.

Run Your First Payroll

With our team by your side, you can run your first payroll with confidence.


Don’t just take our word for it! Check out what our clients are saying about working with Payality.

-Rohit, Convenience Store Owner

Payality makes it easy to pay my employees accurately every time. I don’t have to spend a lot of time on payroll, so I have more time to focus on growing my small business.

-Linda, HR Manager

With Payality, you get more than you’d expect for the competitive price. We have access to one of the top payroll tax companies in the region, so I’m not worried about errors like I was with other payroll software providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Payality, we focus on the unique needs of small-to-midsize businesses. To accommodate those needs, we provide comprehensive payroll and people management services built into a single, user-friendly platform. Time and labor, compliance, payroll processing, benefits, tax filing, and more, all available at your fingertips.
Outsourcing payroll involves delegating some or all of a company’s payroll operations to a third party. Working with Payality for your organization’s payroll needs can help you maintain compliance with complex labor and tax laws, ensure data security, and get your employees paid on time.
We offer flexible pay options to cater to the needs of all our clients. You can choose from paperless options like direct deposit and secure paycards, as well as traditional paper checks.
Request a quote and we can get you set up on the Payality platform as soon as possible.

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