User-Friendly Time and Attendance Tracking

Keep track of your employees with accurate time and labor data.

Cloud-Based Time & Attendance Features For Remote, Onsite, and Offsite Workers

Get the data you need for labor tracking and accurate payroll with a powerful time & attendance system within the Payality platform.

Explore Modern Time & Attendance Tools

Find out more about how tracking time and labor can protect your organization while simplifying payroll processing.

Empowering Workforce Efficiency

Transform payroll accuracy, embrace diverse time collection, and elevate scheduling capabilities.

Fewer Payroll Errors

When time data flows through the system, paychecks are more accurate. The result? Happier employees.

Flexible Time Collection Methods

Whether you have a remote workforce or need a single time clock, we can accommodate. Our time and labor solutions include various time collection methods.

Powerful Scheduling Tools

Create and manage employee schedules with drag-and-drop functionality, shift swap capabilities built into the platform, and accessible templates for all industries.


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-Rohit, Convenience Store Owner

Payality makes it easy to pay my employees accurately every time. I don’t have to spend a lot of time on payroll, so I have more time to focus on growing my small business.

-Linda, HR Manager

With Payality, you get more than you’d expect for the competitive price. We have access to one of the top payroll tax companies in the region, so I’m not worried about errors like I was with other payroll software providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

A time and attendance solution works by tracking hours worked by each employee in the system. When an employee clocks in or out, the time data is saved on a timecard. The data then flows to the payroll module of the all-in-one platform, ensuring that the individual receives proper pay for the hours worked.
Yes, your business should track time and attendance, regardless of the number of employees. Local and federal laws and regulations apply to companies of all sizes. Failing to track hours worked makes it difficult to pay employees accurately and can lead to stolen time, which will cost your business a lot.
Yes, the Payality software is highly secure and only authorized users can access the data.
The cost depends on the system you choose, time collection method, and number of employees. Contact Payality to get your customized quote.

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