Payality Announces Paperless Employee Onboarding Solution

Payality’s Payentry New Hire solution will eliminate the paper-based hiring process by completely automating new employee onboarding.  Click here to see a video preview of the solution

Employees will receive an email with a customized link to complete all of their new hire documents online. Clients will have the option to add custom documents, including offer letters, employee handbooks, benefit enrollment and more! Once the employee completes the new hire set-up process, the employee data is transferred automatically to Payentry and a permanent paperless employee file is created.

An optional job board recruitment, applicant tracking and online interview solution will be available as well.  Click here to see a video preview of the solution

Both products will be available beginning November 1. Payality will be offering a free 3 month trial of the onboarding solution to new and existing clients.

If you are an existing Payality client and want to take advantage of the 3 month free trial or would like to learn more about Payality’s solutions please Click Here and complete the online request form and a Payality representative will contact you.