Mitchell & Mitchell introduces Pay-as-you-go Work Comp with Payality

Payroll Solutions

Mitchell & Mitchell has partnered with Payality to efficiently processes payroll and offer the added ability to integrate workers’ comp premiums with your payroll on a pay-as-you go basis. Payality also manages the complexities of payroll tax payments and returns, new hire onboarding, and time management. Mitchell & Mitchell clients are guaranteed to save a minimum of 20% on payroll fees!

Switching from your current payroll provider is not only free, but it is simple.


Manage Employee Payroll/HR information with our online solution or submit payroll by email, phone or fax to a dedicated Payroll Specialist.

Credit Cards

Receive employee payroll checks by overnight courier or go paperless with free direct deposit or VISA Pay card and a secure employee online for access to pay detail and other personnel information

Dollars Icon

Guaranteed timely and accurate payments of payroll taxes

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Filing of all quarterly and annual payroll tax returns

Business Man Icon

Report new hires to the State

Hand with money Icon

Calculate and remit garnishment/child support payments to the agencies

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Real-time access to more than 100 reports and a simple to use report writer

Health File

California sick pay/time-off accrual management

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Affordable Care Act Compliance


Simplify time management with Payality’s optional cloud-based time and attendance solution. (additional fees apply)

PAY-AS-You-Go Workers’ Comp Available for Mitchell & Mitchell Policyholders

Improve cash-flow with our pay-as-you-go workers comp solution

Man with Money

Void your deposit check and bind coverage for ZERO out of pocket

Smart Phone

Premiums are paid each pay period based on actual wages submitted to carrier by Payality

Man with a Clock

Helps to avoid the audit hassles and the discrepancies that often result in additional premium owed


Payality will coordinate the set-up with Mitchell & Mitchell and the chosen carrier


Paperless New Hire Onboarding

  • Email notification to New Hire to complete required new employee paperwork
  • Complete W-4, I-9, and Direct Deposit Enrollment
  • Electronic delivery of employer specific forms including Employee handbook
  • Electronic delivery of required EDD pamphlets and notifications

Mitchell & Mitchell Pricing

Included with payroll at NO additional charge


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Once you try Payality, you’ll never look back!